@HAWAIDOLPHINO 🐬 Silvia Dal Dosso is a multidisciplinary creative and a researcher in Internet and memetic subcultures.¶ She co-founded 🦆 Clusterduck, a collective working at the crossroads of research, design and transmedia, focusing on social media and Internet related content.¶ As Clusterduck, she is 🐸 directing interactive exhibitions, performative designs, participative workshops, 🐰 🕳, meme ops.

As 💸 freelance creative/art/film director, she collaborated with agencies such as Mirror, AKQA, Zooppa. ¶ As filmmaker she wrote/directed The 1 Up Fever (2013), a mockumentary about Bitcoin and the mysterious 🤔 release of an AR mobile game inspired by Super Mario Bros, foreseeing 🔮 the famous Pokémon GO App.¶ In her third life she loves to make music videoclips 🔫 with the artistic collective Pop X.

Current projects 👀 ¶ At the moment I'm working on
#MEMERSFORFUTUREMEME MANIFESTO and the secret documentary The Finish of The End. 🦖☄️